Ash Abhi Wedding Pics: Close ups

Source: IBN, NDTV, Indiafm
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Latest Pictures are posted on this post Wedding Guest list

Mehendi pictures @ Mehendi Ceremony

More pics:More pics of the wedding

Official Wedding Picture

Ash-Abhishek after the wedding(NDTV)

Aishwarya Rai seen with mother Vrinda just before the wedding(MumbaiMirror)


13 Responses

  1. I think abhishek has more jewellery than aishwarya, lol.

  2. Aiswariya looks prettier in the red saree….Any snaps of Jaya or the reception????

  3. just had a thought…ash you did well for urself..married the big abhi…. rani would have suited abhi more…

  4. why does it feel like ash is not happy at heart cause in teh wedding photographs she is barely smiling,and in the tirupati photographs ,she does not seem to give the smile from her heart…………..hey any snaps of jaya and amithab at the reception

  5. hello people…dont u guys have a life !!! What do you mean that she cant smile and she is not happy and rani will suit abhi better ????i dont believe that people can say that ??? how can we measure marriage by looks ???? Stupid comment i think !!!! Anyway, just enjoy the pics and wish them all the best !!!! If you dont like the pic’s , tough luck ….it is not for you to decide !!!!

  6. Ash doesnt look preety on the weeding suits as she look preety in her film or ads.

  7. I think aishwarya and abhishek both suck…Aishwarya probably regrets being with Abhishek rather than Salman Khan…

  8. abhi can do beta dan ash an tru he doz suit beta wid rani or priyanka he can do beta bein da legends son

  9. ash looks tense and not really happy for someone who is about to marry..there’s something weird about the couple

  10. plus she seems to be happier being with here mum rather than her husband..

  11. as a couple i dont feel there is some chemistry btween them…. dont know why

  12. Ash …Sad !Of course she was sad or tensed (at the moment)…Have you all forgotten that …It was good bye Ms Rai and hellooooooo Mrs Bachchan …Any way the couple should be happy and will do well as long as Ash dosnt NAG Abi .

  13. thats true ash dosent seems happy in marrige as abhi and jaya also is not very happy but one should always remember what ever happens happens for the best so just enjoy life

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